Tropic Reels

Slot machine test: tropic reels

The slightly different slot awaits you with Tropic Reels, in which your habit is first put to the test. After a few rounds you will feel fast at home, because the slot machine has to offer more than it first appears. Here are just a few of the colourful birds at work, but you provide not only nonsense, but for good chances of winning. Tropic Reels by Playtech is not exactly Fort Knox, what is the big winnings with bonus features, but the one or the other middle income comes relatively often. And although Tropic Reels has many symbols. The advantage is that there is also combined series, consisting of various symbols. Thus, tropic reels stands out in any case out of the crowd of online slots and a look is worth for you. Here, everything is a little different and yet strangely familiar.

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Tropic reels online play

At the opening of the game you will notice, that here everything is slightly different. But that is not necessarily negative, because Tropic Reels still makes a good impression. The design is true and perfectly fits the title of the game. It is waiting for you a colorful excursion into the jungle in the parrots and fruits are waiting for you. The game field are the fifteen fields in the middle that are initially hidden. On the different symbols, not on all reels, but only in a field revolve finally however.

The slot machine consists of five paylines, in this case, what are the lines. A line consists of exactly three fields, which also gains will result when certain combinations in a round are. In contrast to most other slots, there are also pay-line, consisting of different symbols. For example, there are different colored parrots, which are together, but with a lower multiplier.

The slot symbols from the Tropic reels online slot

Is at Tropic Reels in particular but also that this to a multiple pass video slot machine is. You have a chance to pass the symbols below appear up top and even to keep after the first rotation. You get as much freedom of choice anywhere else.

The icons are a truly mixed bag and all of which can be seen in the payout table. Series but does not only consist of three symbols. Some symbols are also in one or two appearances.

Let's start with the pineapple, which counts separately, then but just once exactly plays the regular service back. The Tiger serves as a wild symbol in tropic reels, counts but also for themselves, and can bring the highest profit. There are flowers in three different colors, but flowers can also be combined, but then introduce a small multiplier. Otherwise, the flowers are but also differently weighted. This also applies to the frogs, citrus fruits and the parrots.

Slot machines instructions of tropic reels

When you once get used to of Tropic Reels, the slot machine fun and can relatively regularly provide you with winning. The mechanism of the game is but of course very special. In the first rotation, only the three lower fields change. Then, you can "Keep these fields" and thus transferred to the above fields. If not exactly a winning combination appears below, it would be to keep of course pointless all three fields. Of your choice, you can then again click and begin to spin the other fields, the fields held the exception.

Before of each rotation you can change your usage. Here, tropic reels is no different than other slots. A high usage means that the multipliers can spit out higher profits. With "Max bet", you automatically set the highest possible value.

Frogs Pineapple